Link Courier

As our customer, you will benefit from Link Logistics being Denmark’s leading provider of courier delivery services.

This means that we deliver your parcels and packages with express speed worldwide. Proactive customer service, peace of mind and high quality go hand in hand with online booking and Track & Trace across different logistic providers. Through our online booking, you can easily order collection, print out waybills and other shipment documentation. We handle it all in a single work procedure: We collect the shipment, weigh it and scan the volume, and we send and deliver all types of express and courier shipments across the globe. Based on the agreed-upon terms, the system automatically ensures the optimal price, transit time and service.

Everything in a single work procedure – simple and straightforward!

Domestic distribution

Link Domestic is our service adapted to your everyday needs for domestic shipments – to companies and consumers alike. We collaborate with the leading logistic partners in your local market in Denmark and Sweden. Our professional team is always standing by to handle all types of shipments.

EU and US next day

If you choose Link Express, we deliver your shipment the next work day in most of Europe and the US. We also offer delivery before 9 AM or noon for select destinations.

Rest of the world

We deliver with express speed to the largest cities in the rest of the world within two work days. Do you need even faster delivery? Then our Link Special Service is the right choice for you.

From door to door with a focus on affordable pricing

Our Link Economy service is a good choice for deliveries that aren’t urgent. We ensure safe, cost-effective and convenient importing and exporting from door to door worldwide. With delivery times of 2-4 days in Europe and 4-7 days in the rest of the world, Link Economy is a reliable alternative to air freight and traditional road transportation.

For more information please contact Link Sales +45 7010 4500