Privacy Policy

Our privacy policy

Link Logistics takes your data security and confidentiality very seriously. You can read more in our privacy policy about how we handle personal data.

Our privacy policy applies to you if you are a customer with us, receive consignments via our services, are a supplier or otherwise come into contact with us via our customer service or website.


Whom do we process information about?

We process personal data which we obtain when, for example, you buy our services, receive consignments via our services, use our various products or otherwise come into contact with us via our customer service, booking page or website.

We may also obtain your personal data if you are our supplier or business partner.

We also process information in connection with recruitment and employment.


Link Logistics as data controller

Link Logistics acts as controller in connection with processing of the personal data that we receive about you. Our legal information is:

Link Logistics A/S

Vallensbækvej 51

DK-2605 Brøndbyvester

CVR: 28659024

You may contact us on tel. +45 7010 4500 or


Link Logistics as data processor

Link Logistics may also in a few cases act as processor when we process your personal data on behalf of others. This could be when you use the address book on our bookingsite. Hereafter, you will then have access to administer the recipient information via our website.

When Link Logistics is processor, our privacy policy shall not apply. As processor, we process the information on direct instructions from the controller in accordance with the data processing agreement.


When do you process personal data?

Link Logistics processes personal data in order to deliver the service which you, as the sender, have purchased to be able to facilitate a correct delivery; to communicate with you via our customer service in connection with ordering, complaints and return; to improve, maintain and develop our services and finally when you apply for a job or work with us.

We collect and process personal data for the following purposes only:

When we perform delivery
When you are a customer with Link Logistics or receive electronic or physical consignments, we need to process some pieces of information to be able to perform a correct delivery.

This means that we receive certain information about you (such as your name, e-mail, telephone number, company, position etc.) but also recipient information and information about the contents of the consignment when you use the following services:

  • Link Courier
  • Link Pharma
  • Link Warehousing
  • Link Freight
  • Link Special Service

We process the information to be able to deliver the service that you have ordered to the right recipient, to give you access to our website and bookingsite, to be able to administer any complaints and returns and to enable other communication you might have with our customer service in that connection, for example when we send you shipment notifications via e-mail and text message.

The legal basis of our processing is in this connection article 6(1) (b) of the General Data Protection Regulation and takes place to perform our agreement with you.

To the extent processing under delivery services concerns sensitive information, the legal basis will be article 9(2) (a) of the General Data Protection Regulation and takes place on the basis of your prior consent.

• When you use our website and bookingsite
When you visit our website and related bookingsite, we collect the personal information that you actively choose to give us (such as your name, e-mail address, telephone number, position etc.).

In addition, in a number of cases we process information about your transaction history and other technical data (such as IP address or browser type).

We process your personal data to be able to make our website and related booking page available, to be able to maintain and improve them, to be able to give you support via our customer service, for example marketing purposes, reports on marketing campaigns, preparation of groups of visitors etc.

The legal basis of our processing is article 6(1) (f) of the General Data Protection Regulation. In this connection, our legitimate interest is the need for improvement of our services and the ability to respond to inquiries.

Applications and employment
When you apply for a job with Link Logistics, you send us an application via Jobindex where you tell us who you are and what your passions are. Your application therefore contains certain personal data which we process – including your name, address, telephone number, information about your educational background and previous employment etc.

The legal basis of our processing is article 6(1) (b) of the General Data Protection Regulation or article 6(1) (f) of the General Data Protection Regulation where the legitimate interest is to assess the applicant’s qualifications for the job.

We only need to receive information from you that is relevant and necessary for the job application. Your application should therefore not, as a main rule, include civil registration number or sensitive personal data such as information about your political or religious beliefs.

You can only send us your job application via Jobindex. When you send us your application, the information is uploaded in a secure manner and in accordance with Jobindex’ data security policy. We will of course always keep all applications secure and confidential.

When you are in contact with us in some other way

If you are a supplier, business partner, contact person, relative or other relation and we receive your personal information such as contact information, we process your information to be able to communicate with you in order to administer or create a case.

Retsgrundlaget for vores behandling er i den forbindelse artikel 6, stk. 1, litra b, for at være i stand til at besvare din henvendelse.

The legal basis for our processing is in this connection article 6(1) (b) to be able to respond to your enquiry.

If we want to use your information for other purposes than those described above, we will always notify you of this before initiation of such processing.

Send an e-mail to if you want to rectify, change or erase your personal data registered in our system, but also if you no longer wish to receive e-mails or have other questions regarding our privacy policy.


We are committed to security and fulfil all security requirements for processing of personal data.


Links to other websites

Our website contains links to other websites and integrated websites. Link Logistics cannot assume responsibility for their practice in connection with collection of personal data.

When you visit other websites, you should always read the website policy on protection of personal data and other relevant policies.


Our cookies

Yes, we also use cookies. Read more about our Cookie Policy on our website.


For how long do we store your personal data?

Link Logistics has established erasure procedures that we use to ensure that your information is erased when there is no longer a basis for processing.

We store all your personal data until it is no longer considered necessary or as long as it is required under applicable law – including the relevant provisions of the Danish Bookkeeping Act and the relevant provisions of the Danish Limitation Act. As a customer, we may therefore, as a main rule, store consignment information for up to three years, unless a specific dispute or other statutory requirements stipulate a longer storage period.

If you apply for a job with Link Logistics, but do not become our new colleague we will, as a main rule, erase your application immediately. However, specific circumstances may cause us to store your information in accordance with the relevant provisions of the Danish Limitation Act.

When you are no longer employed with us, we will store your information in accordance with the relevant rules in the anti-money laundering legislation, the Danish Limitation Act and the Danish Bookkeeping Act. Normally, we will therefore store your information for five years unless it is necessary to extend the storage period due to a specific dispute or other statutory requirements.

Note that your information may in any event be processed and stored for a longer period if it is anonymised.


Who processes your personal data?

Your personal data are, as a main rule, processed only by Link Logistics, but in some situations, it is necessary to disclose your data in order to fulfil our legal obligations or to perform an agreement between us.

Therefore, in some situations, we transfer your information to banks to perform the agreement between us, to public authorities to fulfil the obligations of the anti-money laundering legislation or to our processors (suppliers of cookie services and business partners).

In this connection, your information may be transferred outside the EU and EEA when we use our supplier of cookie services. Your information will in connection hereto be transferred in a secure manner for storage in the United States under the Privacy Shield agreement. Read more about the basis of transfer here.


What are your personal data rights?

You have a number of special rights when we process your personal data:

  • You have a right of access to your personal data that we have collected about you
  • You have the right to have incorrect personal data rectified
  • In certain cases, you have the right to have personal data erased before the ordinary time limit for erasure, for example if information is stored unnecessarily.
  • You have the right to restrict our access to processing in special situations
  • You have the right to receive/have your personal data transferred to another controller
  • In certain cases, you have the right to object to our processing of your personal data
  • If you have given consent to our processing of your personal data, you are entitled to without the consent at any time.
  • You have the right not to be subject to decisions based solely on automated processing


What judicial remedies do you have?

You may contact us with questions, complaints or other enquiries on tel. no. +45 7010 4500 or on

If you wish to submit a complaint about our processing of your personal data, you may also contact the Danish Data Protection Agency:


Carl Jacobsens Vej 35,

DK-2500 Valby

Telephone: +45 3319 3200