COVID-19 Update 16-11-2020

Several countries are now partially or fully in lockdown, due to COVID 19

Our carriers will continue to be operational globally, however the authorities’ instructions concerning precautions will be enforced, which may lead to delays

The lockdown will have an impact on deliveries to businesses that are closed, as well as on the parcel shop deliveries. There is a risk, that many parcel shops will be closed, and it will not be possible to deliver as desired.

If you have to ship to Europe and you know that the recipient does not have the opportunity to be present on delivery, we recommend that you wait to ship to avoid excessive amounts of accumulated goods on the terminals.


US and India

Due to the COVID 19 situation and the resulting restrictions we are experiencing significant backlog

This in turn means we are experiencing delays in customs and transit time to and from these destinations in general.

As all goods to Canada pass through the United States, shipments to Canada are also affected by the same type of delays.


Australia, New Zealand and Singapore

We are currently experiencing delays due to large volumes of shipments. As Singapore is connecting Europe and Australia / New Zealand, this also affects shipments to these destinations.


Hong Kong

We are currently experiencing a large volume of shipments to Hong Kong due, to COVID 19. This may result in additional delays.


We will keep you updated on the COVID 19 situation and the effects on services globally.

You are always welcome to contact our service center. We are ready to help you with any questions have. Contact us via e-mail on or give us a call on +45 70104500.