COVID-19 Update 02-04-2020

Dear Link Customer,

At Link Logistics, we are still fully operational and committed to servicing our customers. On a daily basis, we are adjusting our network to find the best possible solutions, based on DHL, FedEx and UPS.

Currently we see China and main parts of Asia opening up and gradually returning to more normal activities. Furthermore, we will see a gradual opening for services in India from today. We are still experiencing back-logs and delays in Asia, for Economy shipments in particular.

However, Express shipments are close to normal, so if you need the best possible delivery performance, please book your shipments as Express.

For Europe and the US, the situation is changing on a daily basis and we are constantly monitoring the situation, so we are able to adjust the network to facilitate the best possible delivery. We are updating our booking site daily, with the latest news regarding lanes, performance and services.

Generally, you should expect 24-48 hour delays and back-log on intra-European lanes, as well as to the US.

If you have shipments that need special attention, please contact our Special Service department on and they will create the optimum transport solution, combining courier networks as well as direct transports and airfreight solutions.

The international transport networks are currently implementing various surcharges to their customers, to cover for lost revenue as well as changing capacity in the networks. At Link we have chosen a different approach. Instead of implementing surcharges to cover for lost revenue, we are in close dialogue with our customers and in cooperation focusing on optimizing cost areas, such as pick-up to create a mutual benefit. We choose this option, as we believe that working together to solve the current issues are better than implementing additional surcharges, which are difficult to absorb for everyone in the current situation.

I would like to thank you as a customer for your understanding and positive dialogue regarding this matter.

To further support us in maintaining highest possible service level, we kindly ask of you, to make contact with your receivers upon shipping, to ensure they are open and are not located in areas,  that are under quarantine prior to booking.

You are always welcome to contact our Service Centre, who can check which networks service specific areas on postal code level. For contact to the Service Center, please use e-mail:, as most of our employees are working from home.

Once again, I want to take the opportunity to thank all our customers for your cooperation during these challenging times and I believe that our common effort working together will get us through this.


Best regards,

Anders Martens - CEO