COVID-19 Update 17-03-2020

Dear Customer,

At Link Logistics we are doing our outmost to maintain normal operations – currently we are fully operational and are picking up shipments at our customers. We are doing this with the greatest respect for the guidelines from the authorities. Amongst other initiatives, this means that the majority of our employees are working remotely, which can have an effect on the waiting time for telephones in our customer service – so if possible we will appreciate communication via e-mail.

Link are working with the largest and best networks in the world, and we are constantly reviewing the networks and their operations in the various effected countries. Based on this we are combining the best possible mix of networks, but as changes happens constantly, you can experience that your shipments will change network with short notice – this to ensure the highest possible delivery quality.

Even as we are striving to do our best to ensure best possible end-delivery, we will experience delays as well as shipments being held or even sent back. We will regularly update our booking site with status for the individual countries, and if you have any questions please contact us via mail on 

Anders Martens - CEO