About us

At Link Logistics, we’re passionate about our customers and our values – and both are cornerstones in everything we do. Your transportation is organized across the world’s leading logistics companies. We are your global and independent logistics link that makes sure your shipments reach their destination quickly and securely on time – always aided by innovative technology. Our entire staff is passionate about helping you through professional, close and personal service offered by specialists within all areas of logistics.

At Link Logistics, we believe that it’s the small things that make the big difference. As such, we offer one-stop shopping, which – among other things – means that you only have to talk to us and that Link Logistics’ staff monitors your shipment all the way to its destination. The backbone of what we provide is engaged and motivated employees, five-star customer service, the newest technology and our handpicked local and global partner network. Together, this is your guarantee that your special transportation needs will be fulfilled in a way that suits your company.

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